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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wisconsin Workers Too "Un"skilled To Hire, Walker Jobs Czar Calls For More Immigrant Workers

Last week, the Democurmudgeon Blog noted how Wisconsin businesses are now claiming high unemployment may be here to stay because Wisconsin's high school students and the unemployed don't have the skills for the jobs the so-called "creators" created.

But what also caught my eye in the video below was Jim Morgan of Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) saying they've got the orders, the equipment and facilities to succeed (built all by themselves I'm sure), essentially admitting that government stimulus worked for the private sector, but that they're only lacking skilled people to fill job openings. Is this possibly the first time in world history, that these self-taught self-made job creating individuals were asking somebody else for help? Turning to government and asking the legislature to make changes to the state's educational system?

Now comes word that Walker's jobs czar Tim Sullivan has determined the state needs a strategy to attract more immigrants to fill vacant job positions. Hey, no offense to immigrant workers as they are usually severely underpaid for their labor, but if you're claiming you can only currently hire 3 applicants out of every 100 because the other 97 can't pass a background check or don't have the training required for the job, yet think we need more immigrants to fill job openings in Wisconsin, I'd say something doesn't jibe here.

The bottom line is Walker's "job creators" want everything for nothing, and are coming up with every excuse and trick in the book to explain why they're not hiring Wisconsin's "skilled" unemployed after promising that a "jobs explosion" will immediately follow the re-election of Walker on June 5th.

In fact, I'd say they're all full of shit.

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JB said...

These are ugly, ugly people, who think only of themselves and their bottom line. It is disgusting.

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