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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Eerie Lightning Display Near Janesville

At about 1:15 AM this morning, the windows of my room were lit up by a continuous stream of bright bluish lights. The flashes were so pattern-like and constant that I first thought the lights had to be coming from several police cars stopped nearby making a traffic stop. When I saw it was the sky that was lit up, I grabbed my camera and headed outdoors.

The video is not HD quality, but listen for the bizarre sound at the 25 second mark and watch for some downright spooky images pasted in the sky. This event was taking place east/northeast of Janesville. During the 3 minute video capture there were a few strong windgusts but no rain, while an equally continuous but faint rumble of thunder can be heard in the far distance. What sounds like rain is the wind rustling the leaves on nearby trees. The entire lightning display lasted almost 10 minutes.

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