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Monday, July 30, 2012

Computer Problems - Hope To Be Resolved Soon

The post "Ryan, Johnson Appearance In Janesville Spurs Protest and Anger" has been accidentally deleted. I normally keep a copy in Word but that too was inadvertently deleted. Lately, my computer has been experiencing keyboard/mouse copy/paste problems when moving the clipboard from one program to another. The highlighted copy or paste sometimes completely disappears. That's no longer acceptable when I start losing posts.

My computer tech said I'll have to uninstall and re-install some major software programs and it's take some time, so there probably won't be another post today.

Read the Janesville Gazette brief on the Ryan/Johnson campaign stop here.

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Anonymous said...

Suggest you visit the Wayback Machine and on its main page look for a service called Archive-IT, which is a way for web content providers to archive their sites. Wayback Machine actually archives the Internet without assistance, but not exhaustively; e.g., the last time it took a snapshot of RockNetRoots was last May. Site:

By the way, Wayback Machine is also useful to reserach other web sites, especially those that scrub themselves clean of embarrassing material.

An older service that attempted to be much more comprehensive, Deja-something (Deja View?) has disappeared.

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