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Monday, June 04, 2012

Scott Walker: Born Under A Bad Sign

Just to be clear here, I'm not into astrology at all, never followed it and know next to nothing about what a 9° Scorpion means. But while cruising the Web looking for out of the ordinary stuff on our reprehensible governor, I thought this piece on Scott Walker's astrological birth data was just incredible, almost to the point of unsettling. Particularly more considering it was written at the beginning of his assault in March 2011.

Just kicks for some, but apparently there are others who live day-to-day by this stuff ...

Astrology Weekly Excerpt:
According to this website when I enter his birth data it pulls up something interesting about his sun sign (9.1 degree scorpio):

Interpretation of the 9° Scorpio symbolic degree
"A man wears a mask and the disguise of Mephistopheles."
Cheerful, clever, and elusive character. One is highly skilled in simulation and manipulation and keeps one's objectives carefully concealed beneath merry and helpful attitudes. Should the natal chart concur, this degree indicates a brilliant success as a diplomat, an actor, or in any occupation involving the design and manufacturing of costumes.

I googled Mephistopheles and found this link which indicates that Mephistopheles is a demon in German folklore.


Also he seems to have a number of planets in Scorpio which would make sense why he is taking such a "controlling" stance on the bill that is extremely unpopular with the people.


Jeepers Creepers Batman!!

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