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Monday, June 18, 2012

Police Push Back Romney Protesters In Janesville

A group of about 30 peaceful demonstrators holding signs and chanting "Romney go home" and "Paul Ryan has got to go" and moving along behind police tape and barricades on Delavan Ave. in Janeville were eventually told at one point that they must return to their original starting point or face arrest.

The group of about 50 began gathering behind police barriers on a grassy knoll public-right-of-way at around 8 AM directly across from the main entrance of Monterey Mills, 1725 E. Delavan. In what appeared to be a diversion, about 30 people (Romney supporters?) left from the front of the building at about 9:30 AM while a Romney campaign worker began dismantling a flag display on a "Romney" pick-up truck parked near the main entrance.

Assuming the event was wrapping up,  about a dozen protesters left while the rest moved about 200 ft east along Delavan road across from a group of parked truck containers blocking the public view of the event taking place in the parking lot. It was at this point around 9:50 AM when  a group of about five local police officers approached the protesters (protesters never made a move towards the officers) and told them they cannot remain stationed in that area despite remaining behind wooden horse barriers and tape. A short discussion ensued between the officers and the protesters, but the police said they are not there to argue over public property or rights. It was move it or else.

Photo: Police telling protesters they must leave the area. Note the yellow barricades and tape.


Anonymous said...

The Gazette called it a "small clash".

Anonymous said...

should of beat their heads in, nothing but liberal scum!

Anonymous said...

In purely logical terms, this phrase 'liberal scum' is irrational since it is redundant.

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