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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Gazette Election Year Propaganda Kicks Into Gear

Two "news" articles posted in the Janesville Gazette over the last few days contained all the subtle hallmarks and style I've come to know from them of their political campaigns.

The first one was a seemingly harmless story about Mitt "failed policies" Romney scheduling a campaign stop in Janesville. Other than making the announcement, the source asked the newspaper not to be named because he was not authorized to speak on behalf of the campaign. There was no time or place posted for his appearance because they'll still need time to sign up some local corporate worshippers and their kids to fluff up the Romney entourage. But it was a short sentence inserted by the newspaper after Paul Ryan's presumed challenger, Rob Zerban, issued a statement about Romney's appearance that caught my eye.

JG Excerpt:
Mitt Romney can try to bail out Paul Ryan, but I believe the voters of Wisconsin will throw out failed incumbents and vote for a fresh start and a better future come November," Zerban said.

That's possible. In today's volatile political climate, no one is safe and that includes Paul Ryan. But the Gazette then snuck their own "opinion" in, in response to Zerban's viewpoint. They wrote, "Zerban might be overstating his case. Ryan holds a huge lead in fundraising and the advantages of incumbency."

Hmmm. Overstating his case? Has that been Politifact checked? A huge lead in fundraising and entrenched incumbency? But isn't that the very reason why voters throw out failed incumbents?

In a recent election, Sen Dick Lugar(R) of Indiana had a nearly 10-to-1 fund-raising advantage over his challenger and was a six-term incumbent - and he lost! He was also endorsed by Paul Ryan! So, voters ARE demonstrating an increased willingness to explore alternatives when they realize that their representatives aren't standing up for their interests and values.

But the real story here is the Gazette. They've used this same tactic on all the previous Ryan challengers over the years. They either offer them a forum, or present them with an issue or a question, quote them and then proceed to debate the challenger's statement on their own after the fact in the absence of the empty-suited Paul Ryan. Ryan is never juxtaposed with a challenger on a level field in the Gazette. He is fiercely protected by the Bliss Com family like a god. They did this to Paulette Garin, and John Heckenlively. They trashed Heckenlively so viciously that even their own radio tool accidentally boasted "stick a fork in him. He's over."

Do they ever ask Paul Ryan the tough questions or challenge him on any of his statements? Yeah rrright.

The other "news" article was little more than a advertisement for the corporatist Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce political action group. This article was buried at the bottom of the last page of the front section on Tuesday. Titled, "WMC working to end workforce skills gap," the content was fairly useless and without substance except to act as vehicle to promote excuses why manufacturing jobs aren't happening anytime soon despite a promised "jobs explosion" expected to follow after Walker wins the recall, the perception that the WMC will work with all stakeholders (hear that UAW? - just kidding.) and that the WMC hopes to be part of a solution in another year - whatever that means.

As long as people keep buying this trash ...good job Gazette staff!!


Anonymous said...

I think Frank Schultz is simply wetting himself over the opportunity to meet Mittens.

Anonymous said...

How did you know? Good call on the Gazette's heightened political activism. You must have some insiders working over at the building.

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