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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Edgerton Considers Turning Schools Into Labor Camps ...Seriously

I thought this story was either straight from the Onion or from the "I couldn't make this stuff up no matter how hard I tried" category. Consider yourself warned. This one could make you vomit.

According to the story in the Janesville Gazette, part of Edgerton’s School District’s spending referendum would create a "public-private partnership" with local manufacturers to allow students to manufacture specialty gears at Edgerton High School under the supervision of Edgerton Gear employees.

Apparently the company, Edgerton Gear, can't seem to find employable blue collar workers in UAW heavy Rock County good enough to train to manufacture gears, but there's a good healthy and strapping young stock of 13 to 17-year olds held captive at the public schools that more than suffice for the job.

As if that isn't bad enough, the school district is expected to pay for a new computerized numeric control lathe and mill estimated to cost $200,000 and if all goes well ...and this just keeps getting worse ...another local company said it would pay an amount equal to the school district for the laborers on what it now spends on employment agencies to find real paycheck earning workers. Afterall, when this program is up and running, why would they need any workers?

I can't go on it yourself here>>>.

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Anonymous said...

The school district, the newspaper and Edgerton Gear all have Brass Pairs. Just for getting out of bed in the morning and then going about their respective days acting as if this makes any sense what-so-ever.

They say that manufacturing jobs are going unfilled in a time of high unemployment because of a lack of "skilled" labor.
But....they want a 13 year old kid to do it because...?!!!
So I guess we have to assume our adult population is massively brain-damaged, and the average early high school kid has inherently more job skills than the average adult WI worker. LOLWhut?
By this "logic", after that first group of kids who work in-school for Edgerton Gear get their diplomas, they'll be LESS skilled by virtue of their H.S. on-the-job experience. The older you get, the more skills you lose. Once adults, these kids will be entering the "too unskilled to hire" WI adult workforce. And so they'll quite obviously NOT be hired by Edgerton Gear to DO THE JOBS THEY HAVE BEEN DOING
...because those jobs will now be needing to be done by a fresh crop of 13 year olds.
Using proper reasoning (which no one does anymore here in Amurr-ka) Once the first batch of kids runs thru this program and is able to produce salable merch, the school gear-making program should "self-obsolete".
A team of workers will be fully trained in the very specific "un-filled" jobs at Edgerton Gear and will be ready for fully compensated hiring as Adults by (you guessed it) Edgerton Gear. Instead, those kids will have wasted their education years on learning skill that are TOO SPECIFIC to one particular company in one particular industry and will be LESS employable than if they had gotten a more generalized Tech education while in HS. The kids will have completed training for work at Edgerton Gear, and no where else. What other manufacturer is so impressed by Edgerton Gear that they will scoop up and re-train the cast-off workers that Edgerton Gear themselves will not hire after training?
This plan makes no sense. Like to astronomical levels.
But whatever, if they're voting on this crap as a referendum and it passes, it must be what they all want there in Edgerton. It's not like a surprise, secret-under wraps plan - like OBAMA is cooking up with the multinationals.
(Oh yeah! Me So Changey!)

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