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Friday, June 29, 2012

Bid-Rigging For State Contracts Coming Soon To Wisconsin

Walker appointee Paul Jadin told The Associated Press his legal team advised him that the offer to Skyward Inc. was allowed because the year-old WEDC isn't bound by procurement laws that forbid bid-rigging. Others in state government think bid-rigging for contracts is either unethical or downright illegal.

Fox 11 Excerpt:
Jadin said he will be talking with Walker about pursuing legislation next year that would allow WEDC to make such contingency offers. He said his agency is still getting a "better handle on what areas we are clearly a state entity and what areas we are clearly private. That's evolving a bit yet."

The public half of the sham operation WEDC is subject to open records and other state administrative laws while the private half wants to legalize bid-rigging for state government contracts. They need to figure out how to keep things separate and hidden because apparently, that's how the private sector works.

Fox 11 Excerpt:
When Gov. Scott Walker found out about the offer the day after he won his recall election on June 5, he said it raised a red flag and he alerted his legal staff. Walker's office then contacted the state Department of Administration, which was in charge of...

When Scott Walker found out about it ...hee, hee, hee ...yeah right. Just like when Walker "found out about" the secret email system to conduct campaign fundraising by some of his closest associates in his MKE county office. Walker makes sure he surrounds himself with willing pawns and wrongdoers, but he's always the innocent victim.

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