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Monday, May 28, 2012

When Did Walker Exercise The Negotiation Option?

Saw this story first at Uppity Wisconsin.

We know the timeline of Scott Walker's regurgitated defense is so full of holes that Walker himself seems to have grown tired of plugging his lies with more lies.

Uppity Wisconsin Excerpt:
WITI's Mike Lowe asked Walker about Dylan Brogan's report that Walker lied to Congress about the timing and motivation of Act 10 and Walker responded: "We needed to have every option on the table, I literally went over and testified on the Wednesday morning of November 3rd in front of the count board's finance committee with chairman Holloway, talking about what we were doing with the budget for the county, and in the afternoon, I was already over in the transitional office, in the Risser building starting to work on the budget, putting options like this on the table." more>>>

Since he claims he needed to have all options on the table, my question is: When did Walker employ the option of negotiation? And, when did all negotiating parties reach a final impasse for Walker to move on to the next option? Obviously, we know the answer is it never happened. Walker's "option" to drop the bomb was Plan A from the start.

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