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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Recall Forces Walker No Choice But To Cook Job Numbers

As predicted, Scott Walker released his own jobs numbers one month ahead of time to avoid second party review and official approval by the federal Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Walker's own jobs numbers, custom tailored just in time by his administration for the recall election, shows a change of 57,000 newly discovered jobs for 2011, an extremely wild swing of 2.1% change not seen in recent years according to channel 3000. During previous years without a recall election for governor, the average swing of adjustment had been 0.3%.

(Recall, yellow and red markings added emphasis)

Obviously, this shows the power of a corrupt administration and what $30 million can buy during a recall election. A whole new alternative reality presented in a slick ad campaign within hours of the state report.

Another fine video from the Democurmudgeon's video library. Watch the channel 3000 news segment below:

The numbers released by Walker are NOT verified according to the Federal Bureau of Labor and Statistics. The BLS will release the official version using a real calculator during the last week of June, several weeks after the recall election.


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Anonymous said...

You continue to grasp at straws - how difficult your life must be when all you have to live on your hate.

Lou Kaye said...

The best part anonymous? You have no clue.

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