Today is

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Paul Ryan Will Host a Lecture In Janesville

WHEN: Friday, May 4
9:00 – 10:15am

WHERE: Holiday Inn Express, 3100 Wellington Place - Janesville


Anonymous said...

How did you know the time and place? I looked last night, on Ryan's website and could not find it. But today I did see it on his website. Looking at his site, it would appear that he posted his schedule on 4/25, but I searched 5/3 for this schedule and did not see it.

Lou Kaye said...

This was one of the rare times information was not sent at least a week in advance from one of my readers. I finally received information from one of the members of the Rock County Progressives on thursday. This morning, two readers sent me an email saying they went to the Pontiac Convention Center first before realizing it was at the Holiday Inn. I heard there was a lower turnout than expected and that it was a very typical lecture session.

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