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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Charges Expected Against Scott Walker After June 5th

Wisconsin Governor Walker And Five Others To Be Charged In John Doe Probe After The June Election

hngwiusa Excerpt:
Milwaukee – On Friday, investigative information released by a reliable source indicated that Governor Scott Walker (R) and up to five others in the governor’s circle while he was Milwaukee County executive will be facing several felony charges resulting from the John Doe investigation.

The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office (DA) is expected to file charges against Walker and five other suspects on allegations that they used county time to campaign to help elect Walker as governor while working and restricted other Walker employees from exposing alleged unethical acts to the DA probe.

So far, three former Walker staffers have been charged in the John Doe investigation, including one that is awaiting sentencing, but has been postponed to prevent any influence of the June election.

NOTE: There has been some analysis that the HNGWIUSA posting is pre-election counter-propaganda meant to marginalize the MKE DA or pre-empt genuine public outrage concerning the investigation. The HNGWIUSA piece is poorly written but it does seem to echo a general concensus from both the Left and the Right - that Scott Walker will likely be charged with criminal wrongdoing sometime after the election.

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