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Monday, April 30, 2012

Video: Moyers/Kaplan Tackle Money, Media and Democracy

Were you ever doing a chore in another room or reading a good book and heard some guy talking on the TV in the background and you had to drop what you were doing and pay full attention? That happened to me Sunday evening while overhearing the Bill Moyers Show on PBS during his interview of Marty Kaplan. I had no idea who Marty Kaplan was before this show. In short, Kaplan is currently the Norman Lear Professor of Entertainment, Media and Society at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism. You can read his bio here.

He’s also an expert on how big money and big media have coupled to create a Disney World of democracy.

Many of us already know what Kaplan had to say and can almost mime his next response before he does, but I have heard few people put it all together with such command, precision and depth in a cohesive presentation as Kaplan does. The segment with Kaplan is over 30 minutes long and Moyers ices the cake at the end of his show with short piece on nutty tea bagger Allen West.

Highly recommended. A must see!

What others are saying:

Newton*** --"I just finished watching the segment with Marty Kaplan, and I was very impressed. He's not bogged down being indebted to a Republican or Democratic agenda, so his observations come with a refreshing clarity."

Potdf*** -- "This program feeds my mind and soul and is a moment in media of responsible journalism, interview expertise and a storm of fresh air."

deliar*** -- "Marty Kaplan was a brilliant choice! It's not that he's told us what we didn't already know in broad strokes -- most of us on this comment thread, anyway -- but he brings it all together so beautifully, and complete with lots of details and examples."

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