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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Those Invisible Walker Savings

620 WTMJ Excerpt:
MADISON - Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker says that for the first time in 12 years, the typical home owner in Wisconsin is paying a smaller amount of property taxes than the year before.

According to a news release from the Governor's office, the "median" tax bill for a home owner is $2.952, compared to $2.963 in 2011.

Political Environment Excerpt:
I'll use my mine for smelling salts. After a few months, I think I can afford it.

Don't forget that Walker promised that a Wisconsin home owner with a median-valued home would see a property tax reduction of $700 during his first, two-year budget - - or about $350 a year, or close to $30-a-month - - a calculation and statement PolitiFact found "false."

Those "invisible" $350 annual savings. This $11 then must be Walker's refund on that terrible ...terrible billion dollar tax hike Doyle rammed through 3 years ago that Republicans claimed state taxpayers could not afford. No, that's not right either. Because that billion dollar tax hike was as invisible as that $700 in savings Walker claims we all now have in our pockets. Fact is, without republicans and their parrot supporters telling me Doyle rammed through a billion dollar tax hike, I would have never noticed it before Walker was elected. Did Walker reduce state spending in response? Ummm, no. In fact he increased state spending by $1.1 billion over the current biennium.

So, was this all worth $11 with an economy shrinking budget that demands continuous running cuts before it will reach bottom to balance?

Again Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesman Graeme Zielinski comes through with a statement in response:

"This is a deceitful premise and part of a job-losing political shell game. Scott Walker's unfunded state mandate imposed a property tax freeze on localities at the same time decimating state aid. This has led to layoffs and diminished services. Dozens of school districts and localities have actually had to increase local taxes, as well as hikes on fees.

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