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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Republican Heavy Turn Out Crushed People's Candidates In Janesville

Over the weekend I was talking to a politically inclined family member about how the GOP presidential primary turnout could have a residual effect on the election results for local non-partisan offices. We both thought it could have some negative impact particularly without a drawing card on the democratic side.

Well, our worst fears came true. Republicans came out to vote at a 2 to 1 ratio to Democrats in Rock County. When that happens, status quo candidates win and we have a disaster.

The WMC-powered Janesville Gazette had a clean sweep for their special interest endorsed candidates for local non-partisan offices. However, the only two non-incumbent "peoples" candidates (I assume they were the newspaper's token candidates for balance) endorsed by the Gazette, Jack Hoag for county judge and Jack Champeau for the Janesville School Board, could not overcome the heavy partisan GOP voter turnout and lost their bids.

So it was a big day for "Citizens United" candidates winning city and county offices in Janesville. Corporations are people. Expect more regressive local fees and tax shifts, cut schools and core services, unsustainable growth and more government control by the wealthy and well-connected.

I can only hope this will serve as a wake up call to the people's grassroots about candidate and voter enthusiasm. We're certain to lose our democracy if people don't vote.

Rock County Election Results.


Anonymous said...

It was one of the strangest ballots I have ever seen. A non-partisan local office ballot with a very competitve partisan race at the top.

Only in Wisconsin.

Lou Kaye said...

Anon, I don't think it's only in Wisconsin where there was such a ballot imbalance. I'm certain other states had the same problem. But I agree that this particular mix had a "strange" feeling to it. It comes down to candidates getting their voters out to vote. When they stay home - they lose.

Anonymous said...

An Ambulance Chaser is the "Peoples Candidate"? You crack me up. Ask some low income Moms he tried to shaft out of support money.

Lou Kaye said...

Are you serious, anon? Your idea of a good lawyer is one who work against their clients? LOL

Anonymous said...

A "peoples candidate" would be one who cares for all people - not just who pays him the most. What kind of fraud is this blog. You now justify what you claim to be against if you think they belong to the party you want. Are you even real? or are you a undercover branch of the Democrats?

Lou Kaye said...

Say what? Anon, feel free to post the names of the attorneys who work against their clients benefit or defended the "low income moms," but could not provide them the justice you claim they deserved. Those are your "peoples candidates?"

Anonymous said...

Why do you continue to justify a wealthy ambulance chaser?

Anonymous said...

Real people work with their hands and produce real things.

Vivian said...

Anon--You need to shift your idea of wealthy upwards. 2nd, our judicial system is adversarial and everyone has a right to have their voice heard and to their day in court--even if you don't like them. If Mr. Hoag did not represent his clients well, then someone would be on here claiming that h/er son got shafted by his loser of an ex-wife. It absolutely astounds me that people do not understand our judicial system in this country and believe that people that they don't like don't deserve representation.

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