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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wisconsin Concealed Carry Permit Records Are Concealed?

According to police, the Janesville man who shot himself to death in front of Rep. Paul Ryan's office last week was apparently carrying a gun loaded with one bullet and intended the shot to be fatal.

JG Excerpt:
Police continued Wednesday to investigate who owned the pistol, Moore said. Wisconsin law prohibits Moore from saying whether Kromrey had a concealed carry permit, Moore said.

Huh? The state Department of Justice keeps lists of people who have concealed carry permits, but people can't access them? Even after a gun is used in a crime in the public airspace, people are not allowed to know whether the identified user had a CC permit? That's crazy.

But the NRA says...

Post crescent Excerpt:
...making sure concealed carry permit holders are abiding the law isn't a job for the public. "That's the function of law enforcement," said Andrew Arulanandam, director of public affairs for the NRA. "There's no need for these people to have their privacy compromised. Anyone who makes any other argument is not being honest."

That's got to be a first. After years of telling folks to never trust government, the NRA is now promoting, "trust the government, the public has no need to know."

Sorry, particularly in cases after the fact, the public should have the right to know whether crimes with guns are being committed by people with CC permits or not. I'd say, "lets's be honest, what are you trying to hide?"

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