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Friday, March 30, 2012

Ethics Complaint Filed Against Local Republicans

The Center for Media and Democracy Filed a Complaint Asking Wisconsin Ethics Board to Examine Corporate-Funded Gifts to ALEC Legislators.

PRWatch Excerpt:
The Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) filed a complaint today with the Government Accountability Board (GAB) based on newly discovered documents revealing that numerous Wisconsin legislators have received corporate-funded gifts through their connections to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Although ALEC describes itself as the largest membership group for legislators, over 98% of its $7 million budget is from corporations and sources other than legislative dues. Documents obtained via Wisconsin open records law and other sources show that ALEC corporations are funding lawmakers' out-of-state travel expenses to posh resorts for ALEC meetings with corporate lobbyists, in addition to gifts of entertainment and exclusive parties.

Among those listed in the complaint are Rock County local Reps. Amy Loudenbeck, Evan Wynn and Joe Knilans and nearby district Reps. Stephen Nass, Glen Grothmann, Neal Kedzie and Tyler August.


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