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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cooperating Lawyered Up Governor Forms Legal Defense Fund

Last month, Scott Walker said he "agreed to meet" with John Doe prosecutors and hired two high-powered attorneys to ensure he's "in the best position possible to continue aiding" the investigation.

In an equally surreal context, Walker announced on Friday the creation of a legal defense fund needed in order to fulfill his commitment to cooperate...

Wisconsin State Journal Excerpt:
"I have repeatedly pledged my cooperation with that inquiry," Walker said. "To fulfill my commitment, I have today formed a legal fund to pay for the expenses incurred in cooperating with the inquiry."

JS Online Bice Blog Excerpt:
"If you create a legal defense fund, you are either being investigated, being charged with or have been convicted of a criminal violation of Chapter 11 or Chapter 12," said George Dunst, a retired state election lawyer.

But Walker spokeswoman Ciara Matthews said late Friday that the fund was set up "under the guidance of the GAB."

Lots of polished doubletalk from Walker and his people. But it should be obvious by now that he is a key person of interest in the investigation. The only thing remaining is whether he will be charged.

So, should officials repudiated by an increasingly cynical electorate and facing serious legal scrutiny continue to be involved in making long-lasting decisions for all of us?

Over the past year, Walker has abused his power in the name of moving forward that will have a negative effect on Wisconsin for years to come and with the recall election all but certain and a possible indictment, the people of Wisconsin should demand Walker eliminate himself from legislative influence and shelve his ham-fisted ALEC/Koch Agenda until the last precinct tally is counted in the recall and until the John Doe investigation is fully closed.

It's the right thing to do.

Crooks and Liars - Historic: Scott Walker First WI Gov. to Need a Legal Defense Fund


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