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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Walker Supporter Verifies Recall Signature With Creepy Phone Call

Wow. It seems Walker's supporters lay awake at night thinking of new ways to stalk, frighten and intimidate the good people of Wisconsin. One of them, Kevin Stoll from Waukesha County (no surprise), went so far as to extract a phone number from a recall petition making a cameo appearance on a news program, and then made it his business to give the person a call.

Democurmudgeon Excerpt:
Take Kevin Stoll in Hartland, who decided to ask a few petition signers why they wanted to recall Scott 10:30 at night to complete strangers. He tried to come across "undecided," but cliche'd talking points are hard to ignore. WKOW 27's Tony Galli has this stunning story of what could be illegal political intimidation.

According to Galli, Stoll later offered that he will be involved in the Verify Recall campaign which would now, thanks to Stoll's admission, appear to be little more than a phone number and ID collection data base for Tea Party and GOP operatives to mull over and target for harassment. These creeps are hoping they can creep us out.

Watch it:

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