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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Too Much Computer Leads To Bad Computer

Too much government inherently leads to bad government because there’s more of it to exploit and corrupt, according to Paul Ryan.

I've heard Ryan's big bad government speech several times before. It's the same old story and projections about how government naturally corrupts because crony capitalists always gravitate to where power is concentrated, etc., etc. But Ryan doesn’t see the obvious paradox, that by shrinking government for no other reason than to make it smaller, he would concentrate power in even fewer hands. We’re seeing this on a local scale in Wisconsin with county boards being whittled down from 30 supervisors to 7, 9 or 11. Fewer supervisors to influence makes it easier for those who naturally gravitate to power, but it also means more duties and more power in fewer hands.

I get a better understanding of his delinquent logic through my computer analogy. If Paul Ryan had a powerful 1000 trigabyte computer that became unstable after it was infected by a nasty virus, he'd scrap the entire computer and replace it with a much smaller one because there would be fewer trigabytes and registry keys to exploit and corrupt next time the system got infected, rather than legislate a remedy to remove and destroy the infection in order to restore the efficient 1000 trigabyte system. So, according to Paul Ryan and Tea Party ideologues - It's the size of government, not the alien corruption wreaking havoc inside that's the destabilizing problem.

That's a scary concept.

Watch Paul Ryan in his own words talk about the size of government and then make untrue and presumptuously skewed statements toward Barney Frank about the function of military. After being dismantled by Frank and Reich, Ryan then scrambles for the class war strawman saying how dangerous it is to talk about class division. He clearly does not play well with others:

"I never heard a poor person complain that it was dangerous to talk about economic equality" -- Rep. Barney Frank

Also, more pespective and videos on this story over the size of government at the Democurmudgeon.

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