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Thursday, December 22, 2011

All Wisconsin Republicans Voted To Raise Taxes On Middle Class

In the House, all Wisconsin Republicans voted to reject extending unemployment benefits and a payroll tax cut for the working poor and middle class. Duffy, Petri, Ribble, Ryan and Sensenbrenner all voted to raise taxes on middle class families by an average of $1,000. Soon afterwards they then voted to take a vacation.

The Senate however, overwhelmingly voted to extend the tax cut by a margin of 89 - 10, with Ron Johnson among the rotten ten voting to increase taxes.

We've seen Republicans take a stand against working poor and middle-class Americans hundreds of times during the past decade and people still vote for them. For some reason, I don't see how this one will be much different.


House Republicans cave. They're angry taxes won't be going up on the middle-class.

NY Times Excerpt:
“It may not have been politically the smartest thing in the world,’’ Mr. Boehner said. “But let me tell you what: I think our members waged a good fight.Though the agreement extricated House Republicans from a political box, Mr. Boehner said: “I don’t think it’s any time for celebration."

Yep! Republicans fought to raise our taxes and lost. Boehner actually sounds genuinely sad. Never forget.


Brianhd71 said...

Nice spin.. Only you forget, republicanss proposed to extend the holiday for a year. The liberals wouldn't compromise .

Lou Kaye said...

We'll see how eager they are in two months and what kind of deals they'll want.

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