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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Whacky Republicans No Laughing Matter. Wisconsin Under Siege

Regressives in Wisconsin continue to roll the state back to the 1840's.

Guns, Welcome. But leave cameras at the door.

The Progressive Excerpt:
This is how nutty it’s gotten.

It’s now legal to carry a concealed weapon in the gallery of the Wisconsin State Assembly, but it’s not legal to carry a concealed camera or smart phone or to carry a sign or to wear a shirt with the First Amendment attached to it.

PR Watch Excerpt

The protest was organized through a Facebook event called "Concealed Camera Day at the Capitol!" The event coincided with the implementation of Wisconsin's new concealed carry law, which allows residents to carry a concealed firearm -- including inside the Assembly gallery.

Stephen Colbert said Governor Walker was bringing "a new freedom to America's dairyland" with the concealed carry law, but said people would not see "images of gunfire in the statehouse" because of the camera ban. "Thank God. Cameras are dangerous," he said.

You never know when some fist-bumping t-shirt wearing menace will whip out their Canon EOS Rebel loaded with an EF-S Zoom lenses and start shooting. God forbid anyone would try to record government process.

Or even wave a miniature American Flag in the Assembly gallery. Too theatrical for Wisconsin State government. Heck, this ain't America. It's Fitzwalkerstan! You'd think we were in Communist China.

The DailyKos Excerpt
"Your Flag is a prop." That's what the flustered young page in the Wisconsin Assembly gallery told me last light. She told me I had to stop gently waving my 8 x 10 inch American flag in front of me while I watched the Assembly pass bill after bill destroying more of Wisconsin's social safety net. Tenant rights...gone. Grants for minority college students...on life support. Employment rights for felons trying to get their lives together...gone.

...and shackling locals from instituting their own tenant laws...

Uppity Wisconsin Excerpt
More egregiously, the Assembly voted to not allow local municipalities to have any laws that protect tenant rights more strongly than the provisions in state law.

As expected, they are pushing a bill putting polluters over people.

Wisconsin League Of Conservation Voters Excerpt:
We knew Governor Scott Walker and his friends in the legislature were planning to give handouts to an out-of-state mining company in the form of a conservation roll back bill. We knew that bill would weaken clean water protections. We knew that bill was going to be bad for Wisconsin citizens. But we didn't know it was going to be this bad.

Special Session Bill 24 will sell out our natural resources statewide - not just to mining companies, but also to power plants, developers, and other polluters.

It might be too late...Republicans have poisoned the wells of public discourse.

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Jolly Roger said...

As a sufferer of the reign of Czar Kashitch I, I sympathize with your plight. Hopefully better days are ahead for both of us.

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