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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rewrite: Gazette Opinion Editor Writes Effectionately For Buying Local

I couldn't let this blog entry by the Janesville Gazette "Opinion" editor get past me without setting their record straight.

Asking, "Will you be trying to “buy local” this holiday season," he writes inquisitively and with a fair level of effection about a promotion for shoppers to start buying local. He rehashes, it's the "Birth of a New Tradition!" "A conservative friend sent it" and "this piece originated from the tea party folks" and "It’s time to think outside the box, people!!" and asks, "What ideas would you suggest?"

Pretty harmless stuff, right?

Yeah. Except there's a big problem with this. When it comes to "local" ideas in Rock County, Wisconsin and encouraging people to buy local, few compare to our lil' former State Senator Judy Robson, and she ain't no Tea Party. But she was way ahead of her time on this.

See, in the recent past, the anti-social, anti-union Gazette regularly bashed and ridiculed Robson for her "too liberal" ideas, and when she proposed a "Buy Local" state-wide campaign back in 2007, they offered no kind or supportive words like, "thinking outside the box," or "hey, one of our local leaders proposed this common sense idea!" Not even close. As usual for the time, the Gazette editorial staff mocked and whipped the State Senator in their editorial for her buy local proposal. Yeah, she's a Democrat and a liberal I suppose was reason enough. But they're either brazen GOP-paid political propagandists masquerading as a legitimate newspaper ... or nuts. If you're a regular reader here, you'll know the answer to that one.

Unfortunately, I do not have excerpts of the newspaper's editorial from 2007 attacking Robson's "Buy Local" in my archives.

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Anonymous said...

One thing neocons seem good at is re-appropriating progressive ideas while rewriting history to pretend it was their idea from the start. Of course, they first must denounce any such idea coming from the likes of Obama on down, before swiping it. On the other hand, they regularly denounce their own ideas and refuse to vote for them, when Democrats re-introduce such measures. These characters, and the Gazette editor, simply can't take yes for an answer.

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