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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Ohio Voters Reject GOP's Class War Assault

Woo - woo!

Ohio's collective bargaining law was resoundedly defeated Tuesday after the Koch-backed GOP-party campaign failed to derail the will of the people. The people have had enough! It's game on!

We know Ohio isn’t Wisconsin and Wisconsin isn’t Ohio, but the similarities abound when it comes to the ALEC written Koch-sponsored nation-wide budget scheme to fuel wage and benefit envy between everyday middle-class wage earners and taxpayers. Both states passed their class war budget bills on GOP party-line votes. The main difference is the people of each state decided to take different routes to solve what is basically the same problem.

Ohioans chose to repeal their budget law through referendum. We’re doing it by recall. Wisconsin state republicans and Scott Walker, like their counterparts in Ohio, balanced the state budget selectively on the backs of public employees. Instead of allowing them a seat at the table to help shore up the state's budget, they were attacked from behind with a baseball bat. Instead of dealing with his own state budget directly, Walker found his revenue by simply choosing to shortchange local governments millions of dollars in state aid and then giving those tax paying local communities "tools" to cannibalize their own to offset the difference.

Even worse, after balancing his budget on the backs of state employees and school teachers in a publicized "Brown Bag campaign," Walker took those savings and increased spending by $1.1 billion and later accepted a scheduled pay hike for himself without showing any sign of remorse.

The jig is up. It's Recall Walker Time - Onward Wisconsin!

Toledo Blade Excerpt:
With nearly 89 percent of the vote reporting, 61 percent of voters rejected Issue 2, the referendum on Senate Bill 5, compared to 39 percent who supported the law passed solely with Republican votes.

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