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Friday, October 28, 2011

Walker a Classic Hypocrite Accepting Pay Raise After Promoting Shared Sacrifice

It's funny how the mainstream media worded Scott Walker's pay increase. The story is, the raise wasn't part of his pay plan. It was approved by the previous administration, so then it's okay.

But not being part of his plan never stopped him before when he left no stone unturned reversing nearly everything the previous administration and state Democrats have mandated over the years, except the part where they get pay raises. That stone he left alone.

Politiscoop noted the blatant hypocrisy of Scott "state is broke" Walker after he initiated his union busting war which in effect ended Wisconsin's mandate that public employers negotiate with unions.

Politiscoop Excerpt:
The plan freezes base pay, and creates a new system for merit pay while suspending funding for it during the current two-year budget. Scott Walker has been leading the call to inform all Wisconsinites that the state is broke, so shared sacrifice is necessary.

The fact is Walker is getting approximately a $7,000 a year raise paid for on the backs of public sector employees.

Politiscoop also has a screenshot showing Walker's contribution to "shared sacrifice."

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