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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Links: American Revolution Expanding

Occupy Wall Street Org - Police Use Pepper Spray, at least 20 arrested (video, photos)

Think Progress - Dedicated Page 99% Movement (with frequent updates)

Corporate Media Goes On Offensive Against People Movement This attitude has extended throughout the mainstream corporate media. ThinkProgress has produced the evidence. Watch it:

Crooks & Liars - Wall Streeter To Occupiers: Go Back To Work!

AlterNet - Van Jones," It's going to be an epic battle"

AlterNet - Labor and Progressive groups Join Occupy Wall Street in Solidarity

AlterNet - Clarion call: The revolution Begins at Home

Buzzflash - Law Enforcement Trying To Discredit Wall Street protest?

Common Dreams - Protesters' Message Simple and Clear: Enough is Enough

Common Dreams - Perspective: Why I'm in Solidarity with #Occupywallstreet

Daily Beast - Is This The Leftwing Tea Party?

Dollars and Sense - Video: Occupy Your City! (Brave New Foundation)

In These Times - Why The political Class can't understand our demands

Fire Dog Lake - Occupation Everywhere and How you can help

The Nation - Occupy LA Endorsed by City Council Members; Demonstrators Protest at Home of Bank CEO

The Nation - The Politics of Occupy Wall Street: Bernie Sanders, Progressives, Big Unions Endorse; Obama's Silent (John Nichols)

Politico - Protests Reach New Height

The Progressive - Occupy Wall Street Sparks New Mass Movement (podcast)

Washington Post - Movement Gains Momentum

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