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Sunday, October 23, 2011

$6 million In State Aid Withheld From Janesville Schools, District Will Have To Tax Taxpayers Again

The Janesville School Board is scheduled to set the district's tax levy on Tuesday. The Janesville School Superintendent Karen Schulte is recommending the board tax to the maximum allowable limit.

JG Excerpt: (Oct. 23, 2011)
Schulte has noted that the board has levied less than the maximum tax in six of the past eight years.[...] As a result, an estimated $6 million of aid was not levied over the last two years," Shulte said.

In addition, the state will allow an extra $1 million in aid "if and only if the district uses its taxing authority to raise taxes to the maximum allowable under the law by fiscal year 2012-13.

"The state clearly wants school districts to raise taxes first," Schulte wrote.

Of course they do. Otherwise Walker and state politicians would have to raise taxes statewide and clearly, they would rather pay someone else do it for them. Besides, the more we tax locally, the more state aid they get to withhold in future years to balance the state budget without raising taxes. This is a gravy train for state Republicans.

So, what Scott "state is broke" Walker was willing to do in order to balance his budget is withhold hundreds of millions in state aid dollars from the very taxing communities that funds state aid, and then bait those same taxpayers to raise taxes onto themselves again to make up for the difference. It's like paying twice.

No, it IS paying twice.

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