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Monday, September 12, 2011

Video: Labor Day Parade Greets Paul Ryan

It's almost like, "this is a parade for labor? I thought it was a parade for me."

Boots and Sabers Excerpt:
When politicians are behaving badly, they should feel like they are in hostile territory.

According to Deekaman, it was similar elsewhere.

In other news, Deekawife 3.0 went to Senator Feingold’s (I’m not) Listening Session at MATC today. The crowd was overwhelmingly against his stands…

He didn’t care.

Oh, I'm sorry. That was about Feingold. He's a Democrat.


Jeff Simpson said...

Great catch on the B & S comments. I also commend you for having the patience to dredge through the muck to find it.

Lou Kaye said...

Thanks Jeff. This makes one wonder where the Janesville Gazette's "we leave our politics at the door" professionals were reporting on this. Instead they wrote, he was "cheered and applauded."

Anonymous said...

The Janesville Gazette is nothing more than a NEOCON rag and they wouldn't know news if it hit em in the face.

In the Ryan parade I liked the photo op with the kids in the strollers, real family values people! Did they think that if an angry person had lost it against Ryan the kids would have been in the way and might have been hurt? Maybe they had the kids with for protection?

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