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Monday, September 05, 2011

Tough Labor Day For Republicans

Republicans in Wisconsin head into this Labor Day holiday licking their wounds after ramming through legislation against the working poor and middle-class wage earners and losing two state senate seats to Democrats during the recalls. Unable to sustain any genuine pushback, Republican support groups fruitlessly spent millions when they recalled three of the fourteen courageous Democrats who stood up against Walker's class war agenda and miserably failed to recapture even one seat. The people have spoken.

It’s a far cry from last Labor Day when Jim Doyle was still governor and Republicans were welcome to participate in all Laborfest celebrations across the state. But since rubberstamping Walker's surprise attack on collective bargaining rights, Republican legislators have finally shown their true colors and contempt for public sector employees, labor and their organized counterparts. Why republicans would want to take part in celebrations with the very people they openly scorned and disempowered is a question for psychologists to sort out.

In the meantime, Wisconsin State Employees Union director Marty Beil says union members are more invigorated and unified than ever.

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Dave said...

My prediction: the current crop of GOP legislators that want to walk in Labor Day parades will have a change in mind after they endure parade routes lined with people they have screwed over.

What you will also see is GOPers hiding behind their families during the parades. U.S. Rep. Sean (Puffy) Duffy (R-Dioxin) has already indicated he will be using his kids as human shields when he walks in the parade, calling Labor Day a family holiday. Sorry Puffy, Labor Day is about workers and the struggle against people like Walker and the rest of the GOP these days.

Lou Kaye said...

This was a war of choice for Republicans so I think any politician subjecting their family and children to the highly charged atmosphere that they instilled is an act of cowardice and a double shame. Ryan too has walked parades with his family in tow, yet he is one of the loudest partisans to stir the pot of division.

Anonymous said...

You have to admit that Walker is the best union organizer that Wisconsin maybe even the US of A has seen in a very long time!

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