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Friday, September 23, 2011

State Republicans Lashing Out Like Cornered Rats

Rocked by recalls, facts, investigations and scandal, the Walker regime and his increasingly paranoid allies are behaving like wounded rats backed into a corner. They can't move around in comfort with everyone watching so don't be surprised by anything they try to squelch public opinion and shift our attention away from its current focus. Stay strong, keep the focus and be prepared.

Under those rather foreboding circumstances, I found this posting at the DailyKos an interesting muse. The writer introduces the running gag about dogs being distracted from their primary duties by the sightings of squirrels from the animated film, Up.

For instance, the writer suggests one such squirrel thrown out by Walker's tools to be chased by the dogs of media and fed to the public was the absurd attempt by republicans to make the entire Wisconsin protest movement responsible for the minor altercation at a hotel bar between two individuals. The individual that had some of the world's finest lager poured on him happened to be state legislative barfly Robin Vos. Oh, the horrors! Chase that squirrel!

Here's another...

DailyKos Excerpt:
With impeccable timing, Republican State Representative Steve Nass today called for an investigation SQUIRREL! into the performance of Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs.

Look there, there's one now! No, look there, there's another one! No, go that way! But whatever you do - don't look at the rat in the corner. Don't look at the unfolding Walkergate scandal, the heightened fervor for Walker's recall or the reasons why J.B. Van Hollen is unfit to serve as a prosecutor for the people of the State of Wisconsin. They are operating a full tilt disinformation campaign in the dark shadows, and turned down all the lights in hopes that we can't tell the difference between the squirrel and a rat. The problem for us is, as long as the media continues to bark up the wrong tree, it seems to be working.

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