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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Not So Breitbart: From Mudslinger To Gunslinger

When I first saw this posted at the Democurmudgeon and again at Blogging Blue I thought, aah well, Andy the Clown making a fool of himself... nothing new here. Time to move on. But wait a second! Hold on. Let's play this back one more time.

These are his people and they laughed in his clown face when he said "we have the guns." They laughed at him - not with him. Incredulous by their response, he meant it, "I'm not kidding" he said afterwards with a straight face. Admitting to losing the "rhetoric" (read reasoning) wars, Breitbart comes off sounding like the threatening Liberty Valance from the classic western with John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart. You know the black-hatted gunslinger who can't win the argument or the girl without trying to take them by force. Breitbart even implies the military is on his side. What the...?

Andy the Clown has everything going for him in this speech, the set up, the deadpan, the punchline and even the giggles and the laughs. The only thing missing was the clown nose and hair.

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