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Friday, September 02, 2011

Janesville Pops With Main Street Rally For Jobs

The turn-out was substantial despite unusually hot and sticky weather for the first of September in Janesville. The Thursday late afternoon speak-out in front of Rep. Paul Ryan's office and the following soup kitchen had it all with about 150 people being treated to a line up of passionate speakers, some street theatre and a tasty meal of beef, mashed potatoes and sweet corn, washed down with your choice of iced tea or lemonade - free of charge. The ladies serving up the meals did a fantastic job!

The street theatre of a "fake" Paul Ryan dressed in a white tux answering some tough questions about his record and positions added a nice twist of entertainment to the rally flavor of the event. There was no way the real Paul Ryan would subject himself to such close contact mingling with the box wine class. These folks (Registered Nurses, Union Reps.) were gathered to make a convincing point, and that they did.

It was good enough to be worth a price of admission. Well done!

Additional photos at National Nurses United Soup Kitchen

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Anonymous said...

Nice turnout .... when do we do it again?

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