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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Attending Rock County AirFest Supports Koch/Walker Machine

The latest on Koch's class war apparatus:

MotherJones Excerpt:
Diane Hendricks: Hendricks is the billionaire former head of the ABC Supply roofing company, which she took over from her husband Kenneth after he died in a construction site accident in 2007. Reportedly worth $2.2 billion, she is the richest businesswoman in Wisconsin and a big Republican Party donor. She recently gave her state's embattled Republican governor, Scott Walker, $10,000 in advance of a potential recall vote next year.

In one audio recording, the audience laughs it up when Koch tongue-twists a million (dollars) during a speech he gives to recognize "partners" who have made seven-figure donations to the Koch plutocracy machine. Among the 32 big dollar "partners" mentioned are Wisconsinites Diane Hendricks from ABC Supply and John Menard.

This is exactly what the working class is up against and why it is so difficult to defeat these wealthy fascists. 50,000 wage earning voters can struggle to give $20 each to a solid grassroots "people" cause or candidate and lose the messaging campaign to one radical, authoritarian nationalist zealot with a couple million dollars.

"It isn't just your money we need. We need your energy. We need you bringing in new partners, new people. We can't do it alone. This group can't do it alone. We have to multiply ourselves. Just as to change the media we just can't have the judge. We need to clone him thousands and thousands-fold." -- Charles Koch


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Even with the beautiful weather I heard this airfest was a flop in attendance. People are paying attention and responding!!

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