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Friday, September 09, 2011

Are Some Wisconsin Counties Software Electioneered?

Is Wisconsin's election system really secure? Segway Jeremy Ryan seems to have uncovered a serious glitch in the system and raises some good questions.

Addicting Info Excerpt:
I watched the entire session and there it was: Kevin Kennedy says that the GAB does not have software developers and uses the DOA for that with elections code. But wait a second the famous election software that Kathy Nickolaus, the Waukesha County Clerk who had an incident of either gross negligence or election fraud that flipped the Supreme Court Race for David Prosser (the Republican), was written by the GAB as previously reported by the GAB, right? Guess the GAB was less than honest as Kevin clearly said, they have no developers on board so contract with the GAB.

In the statement left at the office, they asked for information on which counties had election software written by the DOA and who the people were writing the software. By watching the entire video you draw two conclusions. One, some counties use software from the vendor, others the DOA. And two, the software written for Kathy Nickolaus which was formerly thought to be written by GAB, was actually written by DOA.

“Mike Huebsch is the Secretary of the DOA. He is also former GOP leader and ALEC leader. It doesn’t take a PhD to see the conflict of interest in allowing any department run by such a highly partisan official anywhere near our election systems or software,” said Ryan, who is also Executive Director of Defending Wisconsin PAC.

State Republicans, famous for stealing local control under the guise of statewide uniformity, can't seem to get the state's election computers on the same page? Citizens of the State of Wisconsin deserve direct and honest answers to this inquiry.

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