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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Republicans Lose Two Seats In Recall

It would have been nice if the results were one district better, but this still was a phenomenal victory for Democrats considering all six districts were republican strongholds.

Incumbents don't "win" recalls, they can only survive them or lose.

With Democrats taking two state senate seats from Republicans, that’s two seats more that they didn’t have before the recall election. Job well done! This particular selection of districts for recall however was very challenging and an uphill battle from the beginning for the working class. I suggest any near-future legislative recalls should be attempted in districts where the voters have plenty of buyer’s remorse like in the three (pre-redistricting) assembly districts in Rock County occupied by Joe Knilans, Evan Wynn and Amy Loudenbeck.


Anonymous said...

We 'done good' considering the odds and the short time we had to pull the recalls together. It just tells me we have a lot more timely work to do.

Lou Kaye said...

Would we have liked to win three? Absolutely. The people are speaking and the Republican majority is shrinking. There is a lot of GOP spin that goes unchallenged. Democrats, Progressives and the working classes need to do a better job at messaging. Unions too have to redevelop and reorganize themselves with the changing times. They may have to remold themselves into an worker/employee development political lobby like the Chambers of Commerce are. But we are in the right direction with the gains. We have to survive next week to keep the momentum.

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