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Monday, August 22, 2011

GOP Star Paul Ryan Is On Vacation

Read about Paul Ryan and hammocks here.

After working tirelessly on a ideological-based calculation to create the largest government subsidy in the history of the world and turn over trillions more in guaranteed Social Security payroll taxes to the whims of Wall Street hedge fund managers while cutting taxes for the wealthy and cash-bloated corporations, the ayndrogynous Paul Ryan is now resting comfortably during his summer break vacation.

Democurmudgeon Excerpt:
(Reposted at The Paul Ryan Watch)
Rep. Paul Ryan has decided during this hot "climate change" summer, he doesn't have to hold any more of those pesky, loud and negatively covered free town halls. And if he’s does schedule one, you’re charged $15 bucks for a catered meal. You must buy the food to attend.

That didn't sit too well with about 100 constituents who picketed his Kenosha office last week Thursday. As reported through several sources, during the protest about half a dozen unemployed protesters entered the offices and refused to leave until they were granted an audience. Ryan staffers ended up calling the police. According to the report, they rioting moochers, union thugs and hecklers left peaceably. No members of Ryan's staff were arrested.

Dane 101 Excerpt:
In an attempt to schedule a personal visit with the man who represents me to congress I sent him an email explaining how I wanted to talk with him about his job creation policies. I went on to explain how I wanted to share with him how his decisions are negatively affecting my ability to provide stability to my family. I use to make $42,000 a year, I can’t find a job offer over $10 an hour now…

He emailed me back, an automated response of course, stating how busy he is during his August recess and how he will not have time to take my appointment, but I am welcome to join a conference call at the end of the month.

Huff Post Excerpt:
Ryan has boasted that he hosted lots of town hall meetings during the summer recess of 2009.

"I had 17 and shattered attendance records at my town halls," Ryan said during an appearance on MSNBC.

Ryan's position now seems to be that since he had 17 townhalls during his hyper-partisan demagoguery tour in 2009 targeting Obama and health care reform, it's your tough luck that you haven't found a good paying job in the district since. He's certainly not going to allow constituents, rightfully upset with his class war legislation and district joblessness, treat him with the same respect he treated Obama. He's got an election to win.


Wisconsin Jobs Now coverage of district's job crisis.

Youtube video of protesters.

The Paul Ryan Watch follow-up on Ryan's absence.

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