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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Breitbarts' Big Government Pokes Ryan Protesters

After reading, Paul Ryan’s Office Calls Cops On Jobless Protesters and Paul Ryan Protest Enters Day 4 and Jobs Protest Against Paul Ryan Maintained All Week and Police Block Protesters At Paul Ryan’s Office and Protesters At Ryan’s Kenosha Office Kept Out Of Building and Police Break Up Ryan Office Sit-In, But Return and Protesters Converge On Rep. Paul Ryan’s Office In Janesville and Paul Ryan’s Office Locks The Door On Unemployed Constituents and Jobs Protest Against Paul Ryan Expands to All Four District Offices and on and on, the political huckster Breitbart’s “Big Government,” apparently upset that the protesters may have interfered with the ability of Ryan’s staff to work on Wall Street's behalf during his absence, came to his rescue by poking fun at the unemployed constituents and claiming the protest action is fizzling.

Let's show them how to "fizzle" on Thursday, September 1st when nurses will be holding a Soup Kitchen and Speak-Out Event at Paul Ryan's Janesville office.

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