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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Video Shows What To Expect At The DMV For Your Voter ID

While taking her son to the DMV to apply for his free Voter ID card, a mom thought a few things didn't seem quite right so she turned her camera on.

Three items jump out to me. First, and not surprisingly at the beginning is the long line of people at the DMV. The only problem with that is if Scott Walker makes good on his promise to shut down up to ten facilities, that line will only get longer. Second is the excessive use of authority when a DMV worker questions the activity level of the applicant's bank statement. The bank statement was used to help prove residency and the applicant needed to provide a statement from the last 90 days, according to DOT regulations. Activity level should be irrelevant. Perhaps it was just a rare slip by the worker. Third is how the system at the DMV seems to deliberately "play dumb" in order to NOT trick the applicant out of $28.

Watch for it:


The only difference between a state ID and voter ID is $28. That's right. Although both IDs and applications are identical in every way, they are different depending only on how you fill out the application.

"It's not hard, but many people won't know that they have to ask. A Wisconsin ID card costs $28. The DMV uses the same form for the regular ID and the Voter ID. If someone shows up and applies for an ID, and doesn't notice the little check box at the bottom of the form, they'll automatically be charged $28. Some people will pay the $28 (which would constitute a poll tax if they were applying for a Voter ID), and some people will leave without getting an ID.
-- Comment posted by madtowngirl2

Highlight added.

I give plenty of credit to the creator of this video. This is exactly the kind of citizen journalism and involvement we need more of. It should also be noted that the creator of the video makes the point that she is not blaming the DMV workers. They are only doing their jobs.

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Andy Bartlett said...

While some locations will be closed, the the overall number of hours DMV's will be open is going to increase. If someone can't fill out a form correctly, that isn't a poll tax, either. Have we become so pathetically lame that we can't even expect someone to fill out a simple form correctly?

Anonymous said...

So Andy why was the form not made "idiot proof" or “foolproof”? The form should have had used defensive design principle so it can not be misused. The implication is that the design is usable even by someone of low intelligence who would not use it properly.

Andy Bartlett said...

I just looked at the form. It is extremely short and basic. The box to check for the free ID is prominantly printed on the form. The only way to make it any more "idiot proof" would be to have someone read it to the applicant and fill in the blanks for them. Maybe you can lobby Obama to include form preparers in the upcoming stimulus part2. Or, if you truly believe this is such a crisis to the 1% of people that can't fill out an amazingly simple form, you can actually do something useful and volunteer with the many voter ID informational groups. Contact your fave community organizing center, nursing home, etc...

Anonymous said...

so all it shows what we already know, that there idiots in Madison!

Lou Kaye said...

Why don't they just say if you're of legal voting age - the state ID is free. Why leave any room for doubt and cynicism?

Andy Bartlett said...

Weren't you guys complaining about all the lost revenue giving away "free" ID's would cost?

If this is truly the first, and/or only, piece of photo ID the person will have, then it has value beyond it's use at the polls. It'll provide them with many more opportunities in daily life. Considering that value, those that have the ability to pay should. If not, check the free box.

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