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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ryan's 'F_ _ _ Her' Associates Identified

It didn't take long for the internets to identify the two men Congressman Paul Ryan shared dinner and two expensive bottles of wine with, one of whom defended Ryan against an inquisitive citizen with an expletive.

TPM Excerpt:
When TPM asked Ryan who he was dining with Wednesday night, he declined to identify them, saying only that they were economists, not lobbyists. But TPM has confirmed that the two other men with Ryan were Cliff Asness and John Cochrane.

Asness, according to Feinberg was the one who said "F_ _ _ her," is a high-profile hedge fund manager who defended the $450 million in bonuses AIG executives received after being bailed out. Read full story here.

Did we expect anything different?

ADDITIONAL: The Paul Ryan Watch - Paul Ryan Not Just A Self Server

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Humana Part D said...

Damn, Paul Ryan got some badass high profile and wealthy bodyguards. Lol

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