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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rip Rap

Video: Walker Greeted At Racine Technical College

Fox6 Excerpt:
In Racine, teachers and union members greeted Governor Scott Walker with protest chants at a Gateway Technical College's Centennial event where he was speaking. More than half of the estimated 500 people at the event were wearing anti-Walker and pro-union clothing.

Title, "20% Drop in Housing to Cause Recession in 2012"

The problem with the real estate market remains excess inventory. Based on Shilling's research, there are 2 million to 2.5 million excess homes in the country -- a supply that will take 4-5 years to work-off. The result: Housing prices will fall another 20% and underwater mortgages will balloon from 23% to 40%, he says.

With housing slumping again, Shilling says recession is coming to a town near you in 2012.

We know that home construction has been at a near standstill since the crash of 2008. So where did this new load of excess homes come from after two years of record foreclosures? They were always there. There was no excess of homes when workers were collecting a middle-class home-buying paycheck. In this case, when they say "excessive home inventory" - they really mean an insufficient inventory of employed home buyers.

Title, "U.S. companies sitting on a record $1.9 trillion in cash, and shareholders want their share"

“We’ve been in bunker mentality for too long,” says Eric Jackson, who runs the hedge fund Ironfire Capital. He predicts that activist shareholders are about to become “a lot noisier.”

The loudest investors are finally being heard. Companies are letting go of some cash:
•Since the start of this year, 116 companies in the S&P 500 have raised their dividend, up from 78 a year ago. Overall, S&P 500 companies have paid out $16.6 billion more this year in dividends than last year.

Sure. After the capital/credit markets were bailed out with taxpayer dollars, why should they use their own cash to expand and create jobs when they have our government-doesn't-create-jobs deficit-spent tax treasuries to use as their jobs-for-ransom slush funds?

Republicans Would Crash U.S. Economy To Win Re-Election

From MoveOn: Republicans are threatening to plunge our economy into default and financial crisis. And all to protect tax breaks for the rich, while hurting American seniors and the middle class with huge cuts. Watch what Big Mike has to say about the Republican insanity. Video features image of the worst congressman at the beginning. Then share it with everyone you know:

Bill Maher: Republicans Killing Middle-class and We keep letting them get away with Murder

It's no secret that Bill Maher isn't a fan of fascist Republican policies. In the video below, he took aim at the party's economic thinking, and to illustrate what he saw as the absurdity of it, drew a parallel many might find more than a bit absurd themselves: he compared it to the Casey Anthony trial.

This one is right out of the Scott Walker, Scott Fitzgerald, Paul Ryan, Ron Johnson, Mitch McConnell, Grover Norquist playbook. Their plan in a nutshell: America must rewrite the Constitution to force conservative outcomes because we the people consistently elect lawmakers who disagree with them.

More from Think Progress.

Is Scott Walker a Closet Communist?

Care 2 Excerpt:
Thanks to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) prison chain gangs are no longer a thing of the past. After successfully ramming through legislation that dismantles almost all collective bargaining rights for civil servants, Walker has now turned to prisoners to fill jobs that used to be held by unionized workers.

This really begs the question: Is this the beginning of state-run labor?

Finally, if you have the time (13 minutes), watch this interesting video about the movement Anonymous. It's about the group's (sprung from WikiLeaks) ideas to fight against corporate power.

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