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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Late Notice! Governor Walker Visits Beloit

Time Monday, July 18 · 3:00pm - 6:00pm


Location Visitor Center in Beloit, WI on I-39/90


I'm sure by now we've all seen the fantastic video of Walker attempting to give a ceremonial type of speech at Gateway College. The crowd totally drowned him out!

Now Rock County Dems have a chance for a magical moment of their own! Governor Walker will be in Rock County (Beloit) on Monday (7-18-11, 3:30pm) for the ribbon cutting ceremony at the Visitor Center located on I-39/90. Let's make our voices heard!

Created By the Democratic Party of Rock County

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Anonymous said...

Count me in and spread the word

Anonymous said...

Will that be on the north or south bound side?

Anonymous said...

It's on the east side of I-39/90. From the north, go a smidgen over the state line to the IL75 exit, turn left and go back the same way you came.

Anonymous said...

Thank you

John Casper said...

A big, Badger thank you to all those who showed up. Great enthusiasm, great discipline.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all who showed. Keep it up until Walker the blowhard is out of office!!

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