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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Janesville Newspaper Rips Through Unions With Anonymity

For the past few weeks, the politically active Janesville Gazette has ramped up the usual highly caustic anti-union anti-teacher statements in their "professionally vetted" anonymous Sound Off newspaper columns. The recent upsurge in the newspaper's union centered articles and anonymous comments seems to draw on their reckless conservative assumptions that because the media's focus have become somewhat displaced by much larger and pressing issues than unions in the upcoming Wisconsin recall elections, they figure now is a good time to turn full attention back on them and re-energize their hardened conservative base with recycled anti-union propaganda.

Sorry, the newspaper's "anonymous" columns are not published online.


dave said...

As usual, great post. The Janesville Gazette is not even fit for the bottom of the bird cage.

Anonymous said...

love to see the blue and thunder birds 2013

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