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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ad Depicts Walker's Class War Tax Shift Against Wage Earners

Although Sen. Luther Olsen is a guilty suspect, you can replace him in the video below with the name of any conservative or republican in the Wisconsin Assembly or Senate excluding Sen. Dale Schultz, the lone dissenting vote the night when his fellow-Republican colleagues successfully carried out a sneak attack on the middle class, and this video still works the charm.

(Gee, I hope I didn't damage Shultz's reputation among the nut-wing section of his party for defending his vote against Walker's bill.)

As the class war rages on, it's time for the working poor and middle classes to fight back. What's more, our state shows we have a shot at winning.

AlterNet Excerpt:
Watching ads with this simple message—elected officials taking money from the middle class and giving it to rich people and big corporations — makes it easy to understand why Republicans get huffy whenever they think Democrats are engaging in class warfare. When you fight the class war from the other direction, it can be very effective.

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