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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Drunkest State About to Get Two Hours Drunker

It's quite an achievement for Wisconsin to be consistently ranked in the top five drunkest states in the union. But honestly, we have had plenty of help to maintain those lofty standards. Just consider that Milwaukee was ranked the number one drunkest city by Forbes in 2006. On top of that, the United Health Foundation recently released a report ranking the 50 states in terms of binge drinking, and our state was the worst. Nearly a quarter of the population has reported drinking too much. Of course we are also number one for driving under the influence.

On the other hand, we've gained that reputation despite state laws banning retail establishments from selling alcohol between Midnight and 9 AM. But now that's all about change under legislation proposed by one of Rock County’s hopefully lame-duck assembly Republicans, Evan Wynn.

Access to alcohol is about to get even better or worse depending on your perspective.

Wisconsin Named #1 Drunkest State

WSAW Excerpt:
Area experts aren't surprised by the numbers. Sue Nowak, a drug and alcohol specialist, says, "I think it is easy access in Wisconsin. You can go to Target, a gas station, even Walgreens and they all now carry alcohol. It's almost every place you turn, there's alcohol."

Well, as far as Rep. Wynn is concerned, more access to alcohol is better. It's a priority of his. Supposedly concerned over third-shift workers inability to find a liquor establishment in the early morning hours, Wynn's proposed change to state statutes will allow earlier morning hours for those thirsty workers to bulk up on the breakfast of champions. Under his amendment, retail businesses can begin selling booze as early as 6 AM.

Look at it this way. It's sort of like a Daylight Savings Time Amendment just for drunks.

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A.K. said...

and yet...Democrats are all about the Drinking Liberally.
I'm sure the aficionados of that little Fermentation Festus will be able to parse it so they feel no twinge, but - you just can't have this both ways. OR I could say, youze all in denial.
Eager to point the finger at Republicans, but that look in the mirror?
Not gonna happen.

Lou Kaye said...

Democrats are all about Thinking Liberally too, but Wynn is afraid to go where' he's never been before. It can't get much simpler than this. Which is a bigger problem for Wisconsin residents? That its the drunkest state in the union or we don't have access to booze at 6 AM? Emmm. That one’s too tough to figure out for Republicans.

Victoria Bitter said...

Well, if someone can't plan ahead and stock the fridge w/a few brews, that's their tough luck.

There are better things for Rep. Wynn to concentrate on.

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