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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Video: Paul Ryan Throws Grandma Off The Cliff

Ryan's proposal is ...

"unAmerican" -- President Barack Obama

"right-wing social engineering" -- Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich

From the Agenda Project, watch as the Republican Party throws Grandma off a cliff (symbolically, of course).

Seniors need to realize that with friends like Paul Ryan, who needs enemies?

Agenda Project -- What if someone told you that politicians were the least important part of politics?


TJ said...

I'm curious. This isn't going to affect people that are currently elderly, just us younger folk correct?

So we now have the opportunity to be responsible for ourselves and not rely on our government to take care of us when we're older? I'm young, in my 20's, and I don't expect a dollar to come to me via social security or medicare. I'm saving up for my own future and taking out insurance policies which I'll pay my whole life to care for me when I'm older.

I will take care of me and ask the government to stay out of my business. Why should somebody like myself, who is already making preperations for my future, be responsible to pay higher taxes to pay for benefits for those my age right now spending their money on booze and cigaretters. They aren't thinking towards their future, and they will be asking the government to take care of them later. Thus supporting a hand out society correct?

Lou Kaye said...

Yes TJ, generally speaking Ryan's plan allows older folks to stay in the current Medicare plan - they've applauded him for that. But, I'm curious as to why you're taking out insurance policies? Insurance policies help make what is generally unaffordable for the participant - affordable - by integrating the wealth of other participants. Now, only the very best private insurance policies are backed by another layer of private insurance policies because these schemes tend to fold when the profit takers move in - OR believe it or not, they are backed by the U.S. government. That's exactly what MediCare and Social Security are - government backed insurance. You sound like a conscientious and responsible person, that's great. But good luck with your preparations - I mean that sincerely. Being in your 20's, you have life by the balls and I know how it feels. But strange unforeseen things happen that you have absolutely no control over. Without government backed insurance or a government backed savings plan - better buy yourself a crystal ball, you're gonna need it.

TJ said...

Social Security is pretty much a Ponzi scheme at this point. Last one in will get taken to the cleaners.

Second, I don't believe it is backed by the U.S. government. And the company I am going through being a private and strong firm, I don't think I'll have any issue with them defaulting. Of course unforseen things may happen to them, but if that is the case, this country (more likely Wisconsin) would need to be in a world of hurt worse than it is.

Thankfully because I'm starting so young, my payments up to the day I need it are going to be so small, and the coverage I get will be AMAZING. I also have taken precautions for my parents as well. Not the government. Me.

We live in a world that is training invididuals my age that we need to hold the government responsible to take care of us. I challenge, that we actually need the government to take less care of us and leave us Alone.

Some people may have been depending on the U.S. government to help them out with costs. I feel that is their blunder. They didn't take the intiative to ensure every dollar they would ever need came from their own pocket, or from an institution that they would have to pay back plus interest.

You are a smart person Lou! So how have you not woken up to Libertarianism as the future? Do you want innercity populations to rise up from the unfortunate situations they are in. Then don't give them anything. Make them fight and fend for themselves. We are teaching them NOT to play the cards they have been dealt, but that if they have been dealt a bad hand, just throw up your hand and demand more cards from the deck.

Some people in this country need our government support. I speak of those that are disabled. Those individuals deserve help, cause they have no other choice. They were born with inabilities, not born into irresponsibilities. There is a difference, and the dollars coming from our government should reflect that.

Those of sound body and mind, should care for themselves and take responsibility for their futures. If they don't, tough. They will deal with it as will their children. Then hopefully their kids will realize that they can't act as foolishly as their predicesors.

TJ said...

The insurance policies are for Long Term Care, and well as a few other funds. I also have other retirement accounts that I am putting away. For obvious reasons I don't want to go in depth in a blog about my financials. I apologize for not responding to your question in full.

I am living a very meager life right now. And gladly do it, cause I know I won't ever need anything from my children or government that I didn't earn.

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