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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rand, Ryan and GOP Crypto-Cultists Wired Together

Saw this at The Paul Ryan Watch and couldn't resist revisiting it here.

From Wisconsin' Biggest Embarrassment Tries To Debate Ezra Klein-- But Not Ayn Rand

Huff Post Excerpt:

Republicans Must Choose Between Ayn Rand And Jesus
Chuck Colson is one of the lions of the Christian right and the head of Prison Fellowship, which, all politics aside, is the best thing coming from the Christian right and a powerful ministry to a segment of society even progressives often ignore.

But Colson condemned the strong support of Rand in Republican and conservative circles and urged his followers not only to stay away from the new film of Rand's book Atlas Shrugged, but to "stay away from anyone who intends to watch the film." Colson goes on to say Rand and her followers were precisely the types of "cranks" and "crypto-cultists" that his friend Bill Buckley had fought to purge from conservative ranks. He says the "real problem with Rand is the world view her novels and other writings sought to inculcate in her readers... it's hard to imagine a world view more antithetical to Christianity.

Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand do a major disservice to their respective belief systems. Ryan as a Roman Catholic throws his religion's path to prosperity under a bus, a path morally centered on the teachings and work of Jesus Christ.

According to Pope John Paul II, Christianity is the pathway for an individual's highest personal wealth NOT built on the accumulation of capital or possessions, but on a spiritual awakening to apply energy in defense of the cornerstones of human dignity, solidarity and subsidiarity. It is justice that must prevail and prosper. This flies directly in the face of Ayn Rand and her cast of cultists.

At the same time, Rand's cold hearted immorality and soulless human disconnect throws atheism under another bus by re-enforcing the false stereotype that atheists lack the personal discipline and clarity of high morals or Christian-like character simply because they don't believe in the existence of deities.

Catholic Social Teaching

Solidarity is undoubtedly a Christian virtue. It seeks to go beyond itself to total gratuity, forgiveness, and reconciliation. It leads to a new vision of the unity of humankind, a reflection of God's triune intimate life. It is a unity that binds members of a group together. All the peoples of the world belong to one human family. We must be our brother's keeper, though we may be separated by distance, language or culture.

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Dave said...

Excellent post, thanks.

Too bad the crypto-cultists and the far-right Xians are basically one and the same these days.

These people are greedy, manipulative, hate-filled, and dangerous. And that's the good news.

Good on Colson for speaking the truth about Ayn Rand and those who worship her demented psychosis.

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