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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Chambers & Owen - True Colors

Today's True Colors Entry - Changing The Way We Do Business

Chambers & Owen
Contact: John Owen - At a glance, C & O's political contribution history shows a business innocently contributing modest amounts to both parties. After 15 years of spreading out mostly $100 to $500 donations to candidates and incumbents in both parties, C & O deviated and joined with the big boys when they dropped a single donation of $5,000 on Scott Walker. Soon afterwards, they strung together a series of $250 donations to Tim Cullen (D) (Cullen refused to accept individual donations greater than $250) totaling $4,000! Walker - Cullen? Remember Walker saying, "Cullen, he's a pragmatist, he's not one of us." But it is precisely these kind of contributions that begs the question: What are they buying?

Total Political contributions: (Post - 2008 election cycle)
REPUBLICAN $6,050 ($5,350 - Walker)
DEMOCRATIC $5,500 ($4,000 - Cullen) Source

Rating: FJ+ (5/5/11) Legend

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