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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Businesses Will Operate In a Socialist State Under Walker

Like in China. But everybody else will suffer under capitalism.

According to a bill being pushed by state republicans, new and existing industrial plants in Wisconsin would receive discounted electric rates from electric providers. Rates would go up for everyone else to make up for the lost revenue. Bill opponents say that's not fair.

Post Crescent Excerpt:
The discount also would apply to businesses that prove they can no longer afford to operate in the state, but only if they receive $500,000 or more in economic development assistance from local governments.

This is outrageous. It flies in the face of years of hard fought energy conservation efforts, punishes the many for the profits of the few and rewards failure. Yeah, we'll socialize your losses even more but only providing previous massive government hand-outs failed to bootstrap your incompetence. This bill is from the "failed business suckling on the government teat is better than no business at all" free market conservative party.

Post Crescent Excerpt:
"Whatever big business wants, big business gets (from Republicans)," Hulsey said. "The rest of us are going to pay higher utility rates, and they don't necessarily create new jobs."

This post was written at the expense of wrongly denigrating socialism.

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