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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ryan's Tax Reform Makes Loopholes For The Wealthy Permanent

In case you missed Paul Ryan on "Face the Nation" with Bob Schieffer, Ryan was in full fuzzy logic auto-pilot answering questions about taxing the rich and Obama's fiscal commission. Ryan genuinely seems to have a problem with any bi-partisan panel or commission seeking common ground solutions to the nations' ability to keep it's debt promises. He figures why bother when he's got all the answers. First he speaks positively of the debt commission, even boasts of stealing a page from it while attacking Obama for disavowing its solutions. During the interview, Ryan however avoids to acknowledge that he was on the fiscal commission and voted against its conclusions.

In the video below, watch for Ryan to say "So first of all we're not talking about cutting taxes, we're just not agreeing with the President's tax increases... we're saying leave the tax rates where they are right now and get rid of all those loopholes and deductions..."

But that is exactly what Obama has proposed.

Ah, but Ryan then says tax rates to the wealthiest will be lowered, "in exchange for losing your loopholes and deductions".... He just doesn't say this all in one sentence. So when Ryan only moments earlier said "we're not talking about cutting taxes"....he lied. It is about cutting taxes for the wealthy.

Ryan obviously knows he's lowering tax rates for the wealthy, that's his primary objective. But instead he plays semantics by claiming his is "tax reform." In his abstraction then, Ryan views stand alone loophole elimination as a tax increase as Obama has proposed - but creates his own definition of dropping the tax rates in exchange for closing the loopholes - not as a tax cut - but as tax reform.

Ryan also continues to burn bridges as he refers to Obama as a weak leader for using fiscal commissions as a tool for kicking the "decisions" to others, when the fiscal commissions never were charged with making any decisions, but only to draw up workable ideas to help solve the debt problem.

This is all well practiced double-talk that can spin even the seasoned Greenspanner around in circles. It's my opinion that any candidate that expects to challenge Ryan in a debate will have to be quick on the draw and watch for Ryan's idioms to expose his false messaging and skewed coherence in front of a live audience. It's like trying to forget the content of Ryan's actual proposals because nearly all of his plans are unworkable, and instead work to dissect his presentation and expose his deceptions. But if it doesn't come automatically, it won't be easy.

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