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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ryan Turns Testy With Informed Constituents At District TownHalls

Paul Ryan's tour through our congressional district is turning out huge crowds with lots of well informed angry voters. Here are a few of the latest video clips compiled by the Democurmudgeon.

Kenosha Constituent TownHall

Fox 6 News and CBS 58 News on TownHalls

In the above video, at 1:24, Ryan says, "and, make sure we aren't taxing our businesses, our producers more than they tax theirs". When a Randroid such as Ryan has to frame businesses as "producers" in defense of lowering their taxes to an angry objecting crowd, you know what he must be thinking of the crowd.

Rachel Maddow Reports On Rep. Webster (FL.) and Ryan

"You’re asking the elderly to take on the insurance companies when we can’t take on the insurance companies." -- Constituent

A big thanks to J. Petersen for putting these videos together.

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